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Re: Disabling UDP checksums on HME


> > So, it looks like we should disable UDP checksums for hme(4)
> I guess disabling only udp4csum-tx is enough.

It's not clear from their bug report.  I thought that the same hardware
routine would be used for both transmit and receive.
> I think you are talking about bug #6587521
> but it doesn't mention how badly the hardware calculates sums.

Yes, that's correct.

> I wonder if manual padding can help it or not, but
> I can't reproduce UDP packets with wrong cksum
> on quick tests with PCI hme(4).

I will see if I can reproduce this.  I'm not sure if the different HME's
(e.g. SBus, PCI, QFE) have different firmware (but I think they don't have),



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