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> I am not sure what should be done with slip(4).  It is possible that,
> by now, it should be removed too.

I would argue against that.

Some years back, I had occasion to want to network two machines over
about ten feet of serial line (I forget why).  I spent msot of an
afternoon trying to make it work with PPP, but was unable to come up
with a configuration that correctly brought the link back up for every
comobination of reboot orders I tried.  SLIP, on the other hand, Just
Worked - very much "too simple to break".

It's possible that my failure with PPP was caused by ignorance of some
magic option I needed to set somewhere.  But it was still a failure,
and if someone with my level of networking experience failed to make it
work after an entire afternoon of trying, it is at the very least more
difficult than it should be, and for some applications SLIP is an
eminently workable alternative - especially with v6 support (see

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