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Re: in_pcbsetport(), in6_pcbsetport()

On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 8:54 PM, Manuel Bouyer 
<> wrote:

> It looks like in udp6_output.c you're going to change in6_any.sin6_addr,
> I can't see how this can be right (if pr_domain is const there's probably
> a reason :). You should copy the content to a local sockaddr_in6 instead.
> BTW, you did a similar change to the netinet/ code, with a UNCONST here too.
> While it may be safe here (it seems you're not writing to the pointer),
> it would be better to not use UNCONST() here and make the pointer's
> copy const instead.

Good catch! :)

Would something like the following be okay?

    struct sockaddr_in6 lsin6 =
        *((struct sockaddr_in6
    lsin6.sin6_addr = *laddr;



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