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HEADS UP: dhcpcd-5 imported into -current

This is a heads up that dhcpcd-5 has now been imported into -current.
I've run a full distribution build and install without any issues so hopefully nothing broken :)

Here's a list of the major changes from dhcpcd-4

 * Single daemon can now run DHCP on multiple interfaces at the same time
 * Configuration profiles per interface, ssid, arping and fallback
 * Listens to 3rd party programs changing routing information
 * Supports DHCP INFORM over PPP
 * Can configure static options for destination address
 * Control socket so 3rd party program can control or listen directly
   to dhcpcd events
 * Is also a BOOTP client

There's now an rc.d script for it which is now recommended over ifconfig_bge0=dhcp in /etc/rc.conf

Any dhcpcd-gtk users will need to upgrade to dhcpcd-gtk-0.4.0 as there was a last minute variable rename due to a recent rc.subr change looking for the flags environment variable.



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