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sdp_open: Connection refused

Hi! Iain,

I got Parani-SD100 (Bluetooth SPP device).
# And Parani-ESD200.  The ESD-200 not test yet. ;-)

I try to connect to this from amd64 with ubt(4).

  # btconfig ubt0 inq

  ... snip ...

    2: bdaddr 00:01:95:xx:yy:zz (com)
     : name "PSD100v1.1.5-xxyyzz"
     : class: [0x001f00]
     : page scan rep mode 0x01
     : clock offset 19653

  # sdpquery -a com search SP
  sdpquery: sdp_open: Connection refused        <-- Ooops...

This SPP device can connect from Linux and MacOS very easily.
I will try to debug.  Which debug/check this problem easy?


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