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Re: pfsync(4) dev consulting gig

Brian A. Seklecki wrote:
> All:
>   Would anyone be interested in working on a contractual basis to add
>   functional pfsync(4) support?
>   This would involve both the technical development as well as mediating
>   any policy concerns regarding including it in-tree.
>   A well maintained netbsd-5 patch in lieu of an upstream commit is also
>   an option.
>   If you're interested, ping me at my address
>   with an estimate on development hours.
> Thanks!
>   ~BAS

I actually started this and had something going for 4.0 but University
commitments took hold, sadly. I don't think it would need much work to
get something *at least* *working* on NetBSD 5.0.

If you give me roughly a month(University) I would have something for
you (no payment needed).


Liam J. Foy
NetBSD Developer <>

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