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Re: TP4 over IP and EON support to be removed in -current/6.0

On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 08:32:22PM -0800, Matt Thomas wrote:
> To help make the kernel locking simplier/better, a major source of pain 
> will be removed.
> This is the capability of using TP4 over IP and IP over CLNP or CLNP  
> over IP.  No longer
> will netinet and netiso be able to directly call each other.
> I doubt this will significantly inconvenience anyone but here's a head up 
> anyways.

I don't object much to removing EON - EON was meant as an experimental
network (similar to 6bone) before a proper CLNP infrastructure was
in place, and should (if at all) be implemented as a special case
of if_gif nowadays.

As for the others - they served the same purpose, and in addition to
demonstrate network level exchangability; I don't think they're very
useful nowadays, other than for historical / network archeological
purposes. If there's a real structural benefit to removing them, so 
be it.

I mostly want local networking (for IS-IS) and routing to work.

Experimental wide-area networks in the absence of native connectivity
can always be done by tunneling Ethernet, right?

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