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Re: [GSoC] Emulating missing Linux syscalls project questions

> (2) Is there a better binary-finding strategy than trying Linux
> binaries on NetBSD, and if they fail (have a script) compare the
> output of strace from a Linux run of the program with the table in
> sys/compat/linux/arch/*/linux_syscalls.c?

Better?  Maybe, maybe not.  But what I did in a similar case (an
emulator that emulated just userland, handling directly anything that
traps to the kernel on real hardware) was to `implement' any
unimplemented syscalls with code that just prints a message and
terminates.  Here, that would map into unimplemented syscalls
printing/logging something and killing the process.

Obviously, that code would not survive into the end result, but
something like it might be a useful intermediate step.

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