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Re: Proposal to enable WAPBL by default for 10.0

Taylor R Campbell <> writes:

[lots of good points, no disagreement]

If /etc/master.passwd is ending up with junk, that's a clue that code
that updates it isn't doing the write secondary file, fysnc it, rename,
approach.  As I understand it with POSIX filesystems you have to do that
because there is no guarantee on open/write/close that you'll have one
or the other.  Even with zfs, you could have done write on the first
half and not the second, so I think you still need this.q

> work...which is why I used to use ffs+sync on my laptop, and these
> days I avoid ffs altogether in favour of zfs and lfs, except on
> install images written to USB media.)

Do you find that lfs is 100% solid now (in 9-stable, or current)?  I
have seen fixes and never really been sure.

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