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Re: __{read,write}_once

>>> (2) Use uninterruptible memory operations in per CPU memory,
>>> aggregate passively on demand.
> Problem is that (2) is natively only present on CISC platforms in
> general.  Most RISC platforms can't do RMW in one instruction.

(2) says "uninterruptible", not "one instruction", though I'm not sure
how large the difference is in practice.  (Also, some CISC platforms
provide atomic memory RMW operations only under annoying restrictions;
for example, I think the VAX has only three sorts of RMW memory
accesses that are atomic with respect to other processors: ADAWI
(16-bit-aligned 16-bit add), BB{SS,CC}I (test-and-{set/clear} single
bits), and {INS,REM}Q{H,T}I (queue insert/remove at head/tail).)

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