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Re: __{read,write}_once

On Mon, Nov 11, 2019 at 11:02:47AM +0100, Maxime Villard wrote:
> Typically in sys/uvm/uvm_fault.c there are several lockless stat increments
> like the following:
> 	/* Increment the counters.*/
> 	uvmexp.fltanget++;

Wasn't the general consensus here to ideally have per-cpu counters here
that are aggregated passively? I can think of three different options
depending the platform:

(1) Use full atomic operations. Fine for true UP platforms and when the
overhead of per-CPU precise accounting is too high.

(2) Use uninterruptible memory operations in per CPU memory, aggregate
passively on demand.

(3) Emulate uninterruptible memory operations with kernel RAS, aggregate
passively on demand.

Essentially, the only race condition we care about for the statistic
counters is via interrupts or scheduling. We can implement the
equivalent of x86's add with memory operand as destination using RAS, so
the only overhead would be the function call in that case.


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