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Re: noatime mounts inhibiting atime updates via utime()

On 04.12.2018 19:20, Christos Zoulas wrote:
> In article <>,
> MichaŠ Górny  <> wrote:
>> -=-=-=-=-=-
>> Hello,
>> Today me and Kamil noticed some more LLVM tests failing due to the host
>> filesystem being mounted with 'noatime' option.  Upon closer
>> investigation, it turned out that on NetBSD noatime inhibits not only
>> implicit atime updates but also prevents the utime() family of functions
>>from updating it.
>> Is there a specific reason for this behavior?  I'm not saying it's
>> incorrect (in fact, I'm pretty sure it's allowed by POSIX) but it's
>> somewhat surprising and contrary to what other tested systems do (Linux,
>> FreeBSD).
>> FWIU the main purpose of using 'noatime' is to inhibit inode updates
>> on file accesses and therefore avoid spurious writes.  However, I don't
>> think this applies if the program sets atime explicitly; especially if
>> it simultaneously updates mtime, therefore requiring an inode write
>> anyway.
> I think this is an artifact of the code path to update the times...
> Unfortunately this seems to be handled at the filesystem level :-(
> Yes, I think that explicitly setting the atime using utime() should
> be allowed... Perhaps we should take this opportunity to refactor the
> code.
> christos

While there, nodevmtime (MNT_NODEVMTIME) is badly under documented and
supported in a selection of filesystems.

A potential refactoring could handle both of them in one go.

I'm going to register this request for enhancement in

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