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Re: how to tell if a process is 64-bit

On Sun, Sep 10, 2017 at 03:29:22PM +0000, wrote:
> MIPS has four ABIs, if you include "O64".  Whether a particular OS allows
> all four concurrently is another matter; it isn't clear that would make
> sense.  Mixing "O" and "N" ABIs is rather messy.
> Would you call N32 a 64-bit ABI?  It has 64 bit registers, so if a value
> is passed to the kernel in a register it comes across as 64 bits.  But it
> has 32 bit addresses.

I wouldn't, because if an address is passed to the kernel, it comes across
as 32 bits.  But what _do_ we do on modern, 32-bit MIPS?  Are we still O32?
It does kind of look like it -- all our 32-bit MIPS ports' sets files seem
to be linked to ../../../shared/mipsel/ which must be O32 since it is also
used for the pmax sets.

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