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Re: Can't compile NetBSD kernel in Virtual Box due to assym.h error

    Date:        Tue, 4 Jul 2017 10:06:19 +0200
    From:        Martin Husemann <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | That is part of syssrc.tgz, so it actually should be enough.
  | Or am I looking at the wrong one?

Hmm, yes, it should be - I took a quick look at the current makesrctars
and failed to see that, but I see now it happened sometime back in the
NetBSD 4 days (and was apparently discussed on a list I am not on...)

It is the wrong solution in general, as src/common (as its name implies)
is needed for both kernel and non-kernel builds.   Whichever of src.tgz
of syssrc.tgz it is in is going to be wrong for some people.

But that does mean that the system (kernel) should have built fine - provided
it was the same vintage kernel as is actually running on the system, and not
something newer, or older.

If it is not the same (at least general) version, then the usr.bin/config
that is (properly) included in ssysrc.tgz (and has been forever) needs to
be used instead of the one installed in /usr/bin (which means compiling and
installing it somewhere first.)

If with this the build still fails, then it probably means that something
else from src.tgz has leaked into being a requirement for syssrc and no-one
has noticed...


ps; it would probably be a good idea to add VBOX kernel configs to
src/sys/arch/{amd64,i386}/conf -- a lot of people seem to be running
NetBSD on virtualbox these days, and we know exactly what hardware it
emulates/supports - while GENERIC kernels work fine, they include much
more than is needed.   But that's a different issue.

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