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Re: Can't compile NetBSD kernel in Virtual Box due to assym.h error

    Date:        Tue, 4 Jul 2017 09:08:41 +0200
    From:        Martin Husemann <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | This means: something is wrong in your compilation environment.

Yes, only half the sources are there (wel, OK, lots more than half, but not 

syssrc alone is not enough any more, src/common is needed as well
to build a kernel (or anything).

I have been using my own script for making the src tarballs for so long
that I forget when this requirement happened, but it is a long time ago
(all I know for sure is more recent than NetBSD 1.6 as I still have my
source tarball making script from back then, and that one did not handle it).

  | However, what you did (and what is described in the guide) should work - so
  | let us find out what went wrong where.

It does, we had (more or less) this same discussion not long ago.

  | I tried it on a system running NetBSD/i386 from the netbsd-7 branch with
  | an i386 GENERIC copied to MYKERNEL and it works for me.

What is needed is the "common" directory from src.tgz

My script splits that out into its own set (commonsrc.tgz) to make all
this a little easier to manage, I had not noticed that makesrctars still
includes the common stuff in src.tgz (have not looked at its output in
many many years.)


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