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Re: resize_ffs and ufs2

>> My question is before I get started, are there things a newbie like
>> me should know before I boldly plow into the code of ufs2 and
>> resize_ffs deeper?
> No doubt there is various tribal knowledge!  However, such knowledge
> usually manifests in the form of answering questions than in the form
> of a prewritten document you can read ahead of time.

As the author of the program that resize_ffs started life as, I'm
certainly up for talking about this stuff.  Much of the knowledge,
though, is embedded in comments in the code, most of which made it
through the porting effort into resize_ffs.c; it might be worth a

However, I didn't see your message - only a reply to it - so there was
presumably something about it that made my mailer reject it (looking at
what evidence I see, my best guess is, it was sent through gmail).  If
you want to write to me about it, and you have some other sending path,
either or the address below might be worth a try.

Of course, I'm hardly the only person who knows FFS.  There are a bunch
of other people competent to have written fsresize (the program which
got ported to become resize_ffs); I'm just the one who actually did.

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