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Re: Prospective project for Summer of Code.

On Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 3:43 PM, Raunaq Kochar
<> wrote:
> P.S.
> 1. I have not used CVS and hence cannot find ways to pull source code for
> NetBSD to actually have a look and play around with it? Is there a git
> repository that I could use?

I'm not a developer but I play around with the code a little bit here and there.

Probably you should learn CVS/patch/diff. It's not a big deal. It's
not a bad idea to have another code version system under your belt
anyway. You can ask questions here.

I would start by downloading a recent code snapshot, for example here:
(Use the latest timestamped directory)

Then you can keep it up to date with CVS:

The current source tree requires no tags. Some of the examples in the
docs show tags. You should be working on current probably.

If you're going to develop for NetBSD, you should probably use NetBSD
to work on it. Also to get more familiar with the system. Using a
virtual machine is fine. When doing builds with the script
(in root of source tree), stuff "just works" when you're doing it on
the native system. Should work elsewhere as well.


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