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Prospective project for Summer of Code.

I am a Masters in Computer Science student at Stony Brook University looking to work as part of the Google Summer of Code on the Real Asynchronous I/O or Parallelize Page Queues projects.
As I am new to the open source community, please bear with me as I try to answer most of the questions from the guidelines.

For starters, I downloaded an ISO image for NetBSD 7.1 and have installed it on a disk image I created with QEMU(with some problems of course), to get a feel for the OS. 

First of, I was introduced to systems development through Erez Zadok's Operating Systems in which we modified the Linux 4.6 kernel. So I am a relative beginner in the domain, but my interest is growing really fast. I see these projects as a way to jump right into systems and am looking to further my interest in the same.

I would also like to consider converting one of these projects to a Masters thesis, if it has future scope for the same, which would give me two semesters after this one to work on it. I will have to talk to my advisor, Radu Sion, for this, but I think it wouldn't be a problem.

1. I have not used CVS and hence cannot find ways to pull source code for NetBSD to actually have a look and play around with it? Is there a git repository that I could use?
2. I have attached my resume which would hopefully serve as a good introduction as to my interests. If you have any more questions about me, I'd be happy to answer them.


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