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Re: Boot wedges (matthew green) writes:

>> I have added another option. The bootloader may pass a string
>> that is interpreted as in 2. or 3. Like the other options, the
>> data is passed in a global variable from MD to MI code.
>> Previously defined variables are:
>> boothowto           - boot flags
>> booted_device       - the boot disk and unit
>> booted_partition    - the boot partition 
>> booted_startblk     - the offset of the boot partition
>> booted_nblks        - the sizee of the boot partition
>> Now there is also:
>> bootspec            - the name of the boot device

>is this in a manual somewhere?  could you make it so if not? :)

There is cpu_rootconf(9) that needs to be extended.

>thanks.  i like this change.

I hope that more bootloaders adopt it. Currently it's evbarm
and I will commit a change for x86/multiboot when I had a chance
to test it.

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