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Re: Proposal: kmem_valloc [was: Re: raspberry pi panic 7.0_BETA after install fs resize]

Le 08/11/2014 19:08, Michael van Elst a écrit : (Maxime Villard) writes:

We currently have malloc()/free(), which at a first glance would
be the solution when too many hacks take place.

kmem_alloc()/kmem_free() was invented to replace malloc/free
because the size to remember is very often already kept in
some other data structure.

As a side effect, it removed the debugging features of malloc/free.

As well as it allowed many bugs.

That's what motivates my proposal: creating kmem_valloc and kmem_vfree,
to definitely get rid of malloc, and have another set of functions
that can perform allocations/deallocations without needing a size
argument. The 'v' stands for "variable".

Looks like the worst of both worlds.

Could you elaborate a bit?

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