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Interested in working on 'Rewriting Kernfs and Procfs'

I am Sanchit Gupta, an Undergraduate at University of Illinois Urbana 
Champaign. I am currently an intern at Vmware (Kernel Team). My mentor is 
Matthew Green, one of the members of NetBSD core group.

I am really interested in operating systems and wanted to work on some of the 
projects under NetBSD to gain some experience, and also to get to know other 
developers out there who are also into systems programming. I know that I am a 
beginner at this, but it would be great if I could learn under the guidance of 
some of your developers. 

I wanted to get involved with development on NetBSD by working on Kernfs and 
Procfs. I would be grateful if you could get me hooked up with the team that is 
currently working on this issue. 

Also, I wanted to know whether the ZFS porting was completed or not as I am 
also interested in working on that project.


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