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Re: icache sync private rump component

Alexander Nasonov <> writes:

> Greg Troxel wrote:
>> Why is this private?  If it's generally necessary, it should become part
>> of the standard interface.    Is it just that sljit is the only place
>> that is currently creating code that is later executed?
> I made a change to the standard place about a month ago but Antti
> objected and I rolled it back. We discussed it on source-changes-d.
> If my understaning is correct, Antti would like to see a generic
> interface that handles other related things like W^X protection.
> In the end we agreed on creating a private component.
> Yes, sljit is the only place that generate code on the fly. Other
> executable code is handled by rt-linker.

(My comments should not be read as objecting or approving.)

That makes sense.   Before, it seemed natural to need a rump hypercall
for cache syncing.    But then I realized that this still seems odd, as
I would expect callers that need this to be calling some kernel
interface, which would be implemented for both hardware and hypervisor
situations, and then in the hypervisor code probably calling a new
system call to have the underlying system do it.   Are you saying that's
the evenntual goal and this is just a temporary hack to make sjlit work
on rump?

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