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Re: The root partition inside a slice.

On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 02:21:39PM +0400, Ilia Zykov wrote:
> Why now NetBSD can has the root partition only on beginning of a slice?
> For instance: 
> "boot hd0e:netbsd" can't find the root if the hd0e is inside a slice and
> hasn't a dos partition twin.

I don't quite understand - please give us a bit more information.

The boot process and partition rules are a bit different between 
architectures, so let us start with the machine you are using - probably
i386 or amd64?

Since you talked about DOS partitions, you are not using GPT, I presume.

Please show the output of fdisk and disklabel for the disk you are
booting from, and also (assuming some x86 machine) of "sysctl machdep.diskinfo".

>       dev = dkwedge_find_partition(dev, startblk, nblks);
>       if (dev != NULL) {
>               booted_device = dev;
>               booted_partition = 0;
>       }

This is only a fallback if the wedge does not match anything, should not
happen with bootable disks and wedge autoconfiguration.


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