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The root partition inside a slice.

Tell me please.
Why now NetBSD can has the root partition only on beginning of a slice?
For instance: 
"boot hd0e:netbsd" can't find the root if the hd0e is inside a slice and
hasn't a dos partition twin.
For effectively and flexibility it's not handy.
Perfunctory the code inspection has given only this, but
I am sure it is not really reason.
Maybe it is a issue inside the wedges' code or it is must be so.

static void
        dev = dkwedge_find_partition(dev, startblk, nblks);
        if (dev != NULL) {
                booted_device = dev;
                booted_partition = 0;

I don't mean the bootloader.
Bootloader must be on the first(beginning of a slice) partition.

Thank you.

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