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Re: Enhance ptyfs to handle multiple instances.

On Apr 4,  6:40pm, (Ilya Zykov) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Enhance ptyfs to handle multiple instances.

| > 
| > Should we put a pointer in the pty node that points to the primary mount 
| > then so we get the correct one? 
| Why? In general case we forever must return first which mount first, next 
mount point,
| shouldn't replace previous, else incorrect TIOCPTMGET(path) for already 
opened pty we will have.
| Simple appends it to the tail will be good(IMHO).

I have to think about it. If you opened a pty in a chroot, the pty node
will appear both in the chroot and in the regular mount. If you opened
a pty outside the chroot, the pty will appear only in the regular mount
and not in the chroot, right? If you have 2 chroots, each one will only
show its own ptys, but the regular not rooted mount will show all of them?

| Or that does not work? I will change the list
| > so it always appends.

I'll convert to an STAILQ


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