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Re: [Milkymist port] virtual memory management

On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 02:38:27PM -0800, Matt Thomas wrote:
> Hopefully, if they make the caches larger they increase the number of ways.
> I wouldn't add code to flush.  Just add a panic if you detect you can have
> aliases and deal with it if it ever happens.

IIRC A lot of sparc systems have VIPT caches where the cache size
(divided by the ways) is much larger than a page size (IIRC at least 64k).

If memory has to be mapped at different VA (eg in different processes)
then it is best to pick VA so that the data hits the correct part of the
cache.  Otherwise it has to be mapped uncached.

I guess another solution is to use logical pages that are the right size.


David Laight:

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