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Re: suprious reboot on netbsd-6:i386 with PAE


In addition, there are other places where the additional byte
needs to be accounted for, e.g. in makeun() within this file.
Not sure whether there are others.

There is already a +1 in makeun.
         *addrlen = nam->m_len + 1;

Yes, that's what I was trying to hint at. Here the m_len
does include the terminating '\0' byte, so it should be
something like (untested):

static struct sockaddr_un *
makeun(struct mbuf *nam, size_t *addrlen) {
        *addrlen = nam->m_len;
        sun = malloc(*addrlen, M_SONAME, M_WAITOK);
        m_copydata(nam, 0, nam->m_len, (void *)sun);
        sun->sun_len = strlen(sun->sun_path)  +
                offsetof(struct sockaddr_un, sun_path);
        return sun;

--                         Wolfgang Solfrank

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