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Re: amd64 hangs during boot

> =>Kernel from freshly built sources from this morning on amd64 hangs
> =>during boot.
> =>
> =>Last message:
> =>
> =>xhci0: xhci_open addr 0 depth 0 port 0 speed 3
>    I got that when I tried booting a -current installer. Disabling
> the USB 3 host controller in BIOS allowed it to boot, though
> obviously without the xhci. xhci was just recently added to GENERIC
> which is why you are seeing it now.

cvs log says:
>> Add work-in-progress xhci(4) driver code.

and the author said:
>> I would like to state at this time that I am not directly responsible for
>> any unexpected whatevers due to this change.

So adding xhci into GENERIC looks a bit stupid and
it should be reverted.

Izumi Tsutsui

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