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Re: autoconf deferred processing

In article <>,
Robert Swindells  <> wrote:
>Can somebody explain how the deferred processing code in subr_autoconf.c
>is supposed to work ?
>Looking at config_create_interruptthreads() it creates 8 threads all
>of which seem to walk the same list and delete elements from it.
>I'm getting crashes in i386 at startup and am trying to track down what
>is causing it. The faulting PC is random so I'm looking for anything
>that calls through function pointers.
>Robert Swindells

Edit subr_autoconf.c and set the number of threads to 1.

int interrupt_config_threads = 8;
int mountroot_config_threads = 2;

Or you can patch them in ddb with boot -d

Also you can add DEBUG_AUTOCONF in current, which prints the name of
the deferred driver as well as the count ot the deferred mutex. For
even better success, boot -1


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