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Re: panic: bad dir: mangled entry, fsck: missing dot/dotdot

>> What do you get those errors from?  find(1)?

> Yes.

> What I've found out so far (from using fsdb) is that those two
> directory entries (one directory and one regular file) point to
> unallocated inodes.

Okay, that's weird.  fsck should have caught that - indeed, that's what
you'll see if you clri inodes.

The plausibility of the "different blocks using the same disk sectors"
scenario just went up in my mind - if an inode block overlaps with a
data block, this is one of the possible results.  The inode-free bitmap
may also be involved; an inode that's marked free but contains sane
data, or conversely, might cause such things.  I don't know whether
fsdb is using the inode-free bitmap or the contents of the inode itself
when telling you the inode is unallocated; it might be worth

There are other things that can do this, too; it might be a good idea
to check, if you haven't already, that you don't have two partitions

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