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Re: panic: bad dir: mangled entry, fsck: missing dot/dotdot

> I'd suggest poking around the oddities with fsdb or some such userland
> tool.
I'll try that.

> I'd also have suggested using clri (and then fsck) rather than
> rmdir to deal with the other directory, but that's water under the
> bridge now.  (rmdir writes to places other than the directory being
> removed....)
I'm getting two "Bad file descriptor" errors, one on a directory and another 
on a regular file, both in the same directory. What do you suggest to do?

> Has the place you're getting the odd EBADF errors been created after
> you deleted the former mystery?  I'm wondering if perhaps it got the
> same inode or the same disk block or some such.
I'll have a look at that. I do have photographs of the fsck dealing with the 
first dot-lacking directory.

> Another possibility occurs to me.  You write of a 23-hour RAIDframe
> reconstruction, so you probably are dealing with large filesystems.
It's a 6TB (5.8) FFSv2 file system on a 12TB RAIDframe level 5 made from five 
3TB dk components each consisting of a single GPT partition on a 3TB SAS disc.

> meaning each one held whatever was last written to either of them, 
> something filesystems do not deal with well.
With all due respect to FFS's stability, I would expect more havoc if that 
were the case.

> perhaps one of your drives works fine both before and above the LBA48 
> boundary but folds the sector exactly at the boundary onto some other 
> or some such;
Fortunately, the components are SAS discs.

> reading quirk lists makes me think such a thing is depressingly
> plausible.
Even on SAS?

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