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Re: unmounting a NFS-exported file system

EF> What would happen to NFS clients in case I stop nfsd, remove the partition 
EF> from /etc/exports and unmount it, then reload mountd and restart nfsd?
MB> The clients tries to access the parition you removed from exports will
MB> get a permission denied, or stale nfs file handle error.
OK, thanks.
Now, in case the NFS client is idling during the time the fs is unmounted, 
and I revert the whole thing (e.g., remount, re-export, restart mountd) 
before the client tries to access the import again, will it resume normal 
operation afterwards?
E.g., if I try to do the fsck during a period where almost everybody is 
out of office, am I right to assume that only those few people not out of 
office will be affected at all?

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