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Re: lua_Number in the kernel

Hi Alexander,

On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 7:24 PM, Alexander Nasonov <> 
> [ Ccing to Justin who seems to be interested in Lua in NetBSD
>   but I'm not sure whether he's subscribed to tech-kern@ ].
> Like some other people, I beleived that Lua kernel project is dormant
> and was just waiting for any activity before starting a discussion here
> but Marc replied today to an ongoing discussion on developers@. Hence,
> my post.

It is not dormant. Marc, mainly, and I are still working on it, but
when it is developed in the attic, it will always look dormant =(.

> I'd like to propose that lua_Number in the kernel should always be
> int64_t (*). This type will guarantee regular arithmetic rules for
> the range (-2^53, 2^53) and for 32-bit signed integer range, in
> particular.

I think we had already discuss that in the past and I agree with you.
In fact, I really want to commit that changing, but we need to have
the code in tree for that.

Lourival Vieira Neto

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