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> Does anything even use the userland Lua in the base system?  Some 
> plausible use cases were described some time ago, but have any 
> been implemented?
i've started adding a lua scripting to a new tool i'm adding
to src/usr.bin/audio.

> > mrg@ suggestest that I move the Lua source code from 
> > src/external/ to src/sys/external, which imo makes sense. 
> > Comments requested.
> >
> > The plan is to import Lua 5.2 sources in src/sys/external, then 
> > adjust userland and kernel parts to uses sources from there, and 
> > once all works, remove the Lua 5.1 sources from src/external.
> If the same source code will be compiled into both the kernel and 
> userland, then I think that src/common/external/<licence>/<name> 
> would be the place for that.

src/common was a mistake we're going to fix when we have a VC
system that supports moves better than CVS, but for now we
should avoid putting anything else in src/common.

the goal is that src/sys is idempotent again (sans config(1)),
like it should be.


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