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Re: device vnodes, and structural confusion

David Holland <> wrote:
> In the short term, to reduce the confusion I would like to make the
> following changes:
>    1. Rename v_mount, which is the filesystem the vnode is on (almost
>    always / for device vnodes), to "v_myfs".

It is a massive churn for a questionable benefit.  The current name,
v_mount, is already in the books.  It does not seem to be confusing.
Better description in the source code might be more helpful.

>    2. Rather than renaming v_specmountpoint, which is the filesystem
>    mounted on a device vnode, kill it off entirely, and replace it
>    with an inline (or noninline) function "specvn_getmountedfs()".
>    Make this function assert if called on a non-VBLK vnode instead of
>    silently producing trash.

Sounds good.  No point to make it inline, though.


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