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Re: NFS vs jumbograms?

On Mon, Jun 03, 2013 at 11:16:25PM -0400, Matt W. Benjamin wrote:
 > NFS-per se has change a lot since...NFSv4 came out.  What NFS
 > versions does NetBSD currently support?  I had the sense that it
 > probably tracked Rick Macklem's FreeBSD work at some distance...
 > Like, does NetBSD support pNFS?

We don't have nfsv4 yet. This is getting to be a Problem(TM).

The conclusion seems to be that we should import FreeBSD's new nfs
code that includes nfsv4, and once/if we get it to a decent level of
stability, shoot our old nfs code. The problem with this is that
someone needs to do it.

The alternative appears to be writing a new nfsv4 implementation, and
that's an even bigger problem from the getting-things-done point of

David A. Holland

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