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Re: NFS vs jumbograms?

NFS-per se has change a lot since...NFSv4 came out.  What NFS versions does 
NetBSD currently
support?  I had the sense that it probably tracked Rick Macklem's FreeBSD work 
at some
distance...  Like, does NetBSD support pNFS?


----- "David Holland" <> wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 03, 2013 at 11:37:29AM -0400, Mouse wrote:
>  > At $JOB, we have two i386 machines with wm interfaces connected
>  > back-to-back with a short patch cable and a /30 subnet of 192.168. 
> One
>  > is NFS-serving some disk space to the other over this link.  They
> are
>  > running 4.0.1 (with a few tweaks of mine, but nothing touching
>  > sys/nfs); while it's fallen off the end of official support, I
> thought
>  > someone might happen to recall enough to be useful....
> nfs hasn't changed much, so if the problem is in nfs (rather than in
> netinet) it's probably still in -current.
> not that this actually helps.
> Also note that there are a fair number of cases in nfs where lost
> packets result in timeouts that don't get handled properly causing
> things to wedge. If you haven't yet, try using tcp mounts as that
> tends to avoid exercising some of those cases.
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