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Re: ioctl for i2c devices

The existing ioctl mechanism is for access to the i2c bus itself. For an example of how to use the existing i2c ioctl interface, please take a look at $SRCDIR/usr.sbin/i2cscan/i2cscan.c

Note that this is really different from providing an ioctl for accessing your specific i2c device. The existing mechanism accesses the i2c bus itself. Your device driver would need to have its own routines.

Please feel free to submit your completed driver to us for review.

On Tue, 5 Feb 2013, Rohan Akela wrote:


I am in the process of implementing driver for I2C device and need to
read/write to device from user space. I was thinking of using usual
ioctl based mechanism to do it.I don't see any issues in implementing
ioctls for I2C device. But this email thread
seems to suggest that I2c drivers in NetBSD should not use ioctl. I am
not sure if the observations in thread are still relevant.

What is the issue in implementing ioctl for I2C device ?

If I submit I2C driver to NetBSD,will it accepted or rejected ?



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