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Trouble running NetBSD on Super Micro 5086-TRF

I'm trying to get NetBSD to run on a SuperMicro SuperServer:
but running into a few difficulties.

The first is that an ACPI aware kernel will not boot (freezes
while probing cpu0). Nor will a kernel that is SMP aware
(recursive panic).

So a single CPU, ACPI disabled kernel boots and the dmesg
output can be seen here:

(ILO so all that I've got are screen captures, no serial)

The first problem that I'd like to try and overcome is that
of the network interfaces. There are two 82576 chips but neither
how up when the kernel probes devices, they're only visible
with "pcictl pci0 list" which can be seen here:

From various searching on the web, it seems that the system
has a number of Intel 7500 chips in it supporting QuickPath
and QuickData. This is ICH10 or...?

Is there a way to print out the device tree that would show
which pci bus/device the 82576 is attached to?


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