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Re: Porting FreeBSD drm2 driver

In article <>, Rhialto  
<> wrote:
>I just noticed that FreeBSD's new 9.1 release has Kernel Mode Setting:
>The drm2(4) Intel GPU driver, which supports GEM and KMS and works with
>new generations of GPUs such as IronLake, SandyBridge, and IvyBridge,
>has been added. The agp(4) driver now supports SandyBridge and IvyBridge
>CPU northbridges.[r236926, r236927, r239965]
>It seems that it is practically impossible to buy a PCI graphics card
>these days for which X doesn't require KMS. This is going to make the use
>of NetBSD with X impossible at a very rapid rate.
>Even the card I that thought was supported properly (Radeon HD
>5450-based) isn't - X claims no accelleration. I haven't tried Xv yet
>(needed to view video) but I fear the worst.
>Is anybody by any chance working on porting this FreeBSD driver to NetBSD?

We are painfully aware of this and we are commissioning work to remedy the


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