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Porting FreeBSD drm2 driver

I just noticed that FreeBSD's new 9.1 release has Kernel Mode Setting:

The drm2(4) Intel GPU driver, which supports GEM and KMS and works with
new generations of GPUs such as IronLake, SandyBridge, and IvyBridge,
has been added. The agp(4) driver now supports SandyBridge and IvyBridge
CPU northbridges.[r236926, r236927, r239965]


It seems that it is practically impossible to buy a PCI graphics card
these days for which X doesn't require KMS. This is going to make the use
of NetBSD with X impossible at a very rapid rate.

Even the card I that thought was supported properly (Radeon HD
5450-based) isn't - X claims no accelleration. I haven't tried Xv yet
(needed to view video) but I fear the worst.

Is anybody by any chance working on porting this FreeBSD driver to NetBSD?

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