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Re: Importing lua(4), but where in the source tree?

Am 09.01.2013 um 22:07 schrieb Alexander Nasonov <>:

> Marc Balmer wrote:
>> Sure. The full diff is at 
>> and it's the files 
>> that the diff now places in sys/modules/lua/ that I think should better go 
>> to sys/dev/lua/
> These placeholder files look hackish. Do you compile Lua with all extras
> like turned off? How many in-place changes do you anticipate?

They are needed to compile Lua from more or less unchanged sources (sources, 
that are used in userland as well).

> As you move Lua to the kernel space, dist location should be moved to
> sys/external.

I am not movin Lua to the kernel space, I am using it there, too.  It is the 
same Lua that is usable in userland, so there is no sense in changing the 
source location.

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