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System hung on heavy load


   I just read the attachments in,
and the hang described in one of the attachments reminds me of a problem
I encountered with NetBSD 6 recently. (It may have been with RC1; I'm
not sure).

   I was transferring a DVD iso (using SFTP) from a Windows laptop to my
NetBSD system, but suddenly I noticed that my NetBSD system stopped
responding. I went over to it and moved the mouse-pointer around a
little (worked). Key-presses wouldn't do anything, and when I pressed
Ctrl+Alt+F1, the mouse-pointer disappeared (the X screen remained on
screen), and I couldn't do anything other than reset it.

   When I think back, I recall noticing that I got brutally high
throughput during the transfer; which raises the question: Is there any
known "heavy load" bug lurking which causes the postgresql benchmark and
high-throughput transfers to hang the system?

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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