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Re: RAIDframe level 5 write performance

        Hello.  Just for your information,and because I was curious, I tried
the following test on several raid5 systems around here.
dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=100000

NetBSD-4.x with softdep enabled came in with a write speed of about

NetBSD-5.1 on FFSv2 without softdep or wapbl came in with a write speed of
about 8mbytes/sec.

The read speed on both installations was above  200mbytes/sec.
        Another test I might suggest is looking at the output of  iostat -D
when you're trying to do these really slow writes.  If the disks show
100% busy during these writes, that suggests a problem with the controller
or the disks.  If not, then there's a software problem in the OS somewhere.

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