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USB console or sshd support on installation media?

        Hello.  I'm wondering if anyone has thought about implementing a USB
serial console driver for the kernel, especially the installation kernels?
My thought is that the console could be an internal buffer of memory until
such time as the USB subsystem is initialized and then the console could
either stay as an internal buffer if no USB serial port is available or switch
to the first available supported USB serial device.  As laptops get rid of
their serial ports, or as some embedded machines only have USB ports and no
screen or keyboards, it would be nice to be able to do serial console
installs on machines with no serial ports.
        I've not looked at this in any detail, but it seems like it would be a
useful feature.  Anyone have thoughts?  Has anyone already implemented a
similar kind of feature?

        Alternatively, if the installation media could bring up some kind of
default network and install a working sshd listener on a known port, that
might work too.  That seems like it requires more moving parts, but perhaps



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