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Re: Parent "device" selection in kernel configuration

On Mon, 24 Sep 2012, Bexley Hall wrote:

> Though I suspect there *could* be differences in which resources
> are assigned to the device based on the algorithms implemented
> in each of those wrappers?

If I understand you correctly, then you are asking if the driver
configuration is dependent on the bus code. To a certain extent yes, since
it is possible that one bus is capable of recognising features that
another cannot. For instance (as far as I know) ACPI configuration depends
on a descriptor provided by the host, and in the hypothetical case this
could be wrong.. It is conceivable then, that attachment via another bus
would mean that the driver would be able to work better as it would know
more about the underlying hardware capabilities. In general though, such
instances are rare and get noted in quirk tables if and when they are


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