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Re: freebsd binary and kern.usrstack

In article <>,
Manuel Bouyer  <> wrote:
>I'm trying to run a FreeBSD binary under emulation, but it dies in this
>piece of code:
>       if (sysctl(mib, 2, &_usrstack, &len, NULL, 0) == -1)
>               PANIC("Cannot get kern.usrstack from sysctl");
>(this is in FreeBSD's src/lib/libthr/thread/thr_init.c).
>Is there something that can be done about it easily ?
>And, BTW, do we support FreeBSD threaded binaries ?
>sysctl "kern.smp.cpus" may also be needed ...

These are simply implemented as emul.freebsd.kern.smp.cpus etc. See
how this is done for linux. Yes, there is no support for amd64 binaries,
but it is pretty easy to add. It is more work to get all the new syscalls
in place. As I mentioned before, if someone can give me a set of binaries
and libraries, I can take a whack at it.


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