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Re: Enabling wedge autodiscovery on vnd disks

        Hello.  Sorry I wasn't clear.  The patch I sent to the mailing list
does all the things you outline causing the vnd disk driver to now behave
comparably to other disk drivers.  I take it you're in favor of committing
the patch.

On Jun 7,  5:47am, Michael van Elst wrote:
} Subject: Re: Enabling wedge autodiscovery on vnd disks
} (Brian Buhrow) writes:
} Hello Brian,
} >     hello.  In researching a recent bug under NetBSD-5, I discovered the
} >desire to make wedges work with vnd disks.  While the ability for these
} >devices to deal with wedge ioctls was added by riz some time ago, the
} >ability to have wedges autodiscovered when the vnd is configured was not.
} >The below patch does this.  If a gpt disk partition is defined on the vnd
} >file when the vnd is configured, then it will be attached to the dk driver.
} wedges and disklabels are orthogonal. The vnd driver should do
} what the other disk drivers do:
} dkwedge_discover on attach
} fail open other than raw partition with EBUSY when wedges exist
} getdisklabel on open
} dkwedge_delall on detach
} For vnd the 'attach' operation is VNDIOCSET and the 'detach'
} operation is VNDIOCCLR.
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