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Re: re. SMP networking

hello Adam.
thanks very much for your quick follow-up!

Do you have any technical details ? like how would you like to
approach this project, what are steps required to finish this task, in
what timeframe would you like to do it etc...

Such complicated and big project such as this needs really good plan.

the first step i thought could be necessary was to express our interest that we want to take this up and could sponsor the activity! (full or in parts - depending on the total budget needs ;-)). we have decided to allocate hardware resources' and working on the budget part. we have also identified a particular platform we believe would be great choice for this kind of work and would be happy to share - perhaps under an NDA(?)

nothing from the technical perspective has been worked out or initiated. we'd in fact requesting TNF to recommend / nominate somebody to lead and execute this work while we support the activity.

please let me know how could we proceed with this.

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