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RE: A simple cpufreq(9)

>>> The cache and mmu are probably harder than the cpu :-)
>> I'm not sure the PDP-10 even _had_ cache; I'd have to do some digging 
>> on that score.  And I have no idea what it had for an MMU.  The only 
>> non-power-of-two-word-size machine I've ever actually used, as far as 
>> I can recall, was a PDP-8.  I'm interested in NetBSD/pdp10 less for 
>> personal nostalgia value than for the code cleanup it would enforce.

One "minor" problem is to get gcc to cope with that.  There's a very old gcc 
port (2.95 era), I'm not sure how complete that is.  At that time gcc had 
machinery in it for dealing with machines whose byte is not 8 bits, and/or that 
are not byte addressable.  The former is gone now, and the latter may also be.  
(Maybe not; there might still be DSP-type gcc targets that use it.)  It doesn't 
seem horribly difficult to resurrect it, though.


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